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Working at Pionect means to learn, teach, build and complete

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to be a pioneer in his or her way. We acknowledge that this way is different for every single person, and by putting our core values to work we help guide you on your personal journey!

So if you're passionate about continuously improving yourself, collaboratively working on projects that matter, being respectful to others and having fun along the way, we would love to have you on our team.

Our Core Competences

Love to Learn

Eagerness to expand your knowledge and skills.

Patience to Teach

Providing guidance and support to those who are learning.

Strength to Build

Ability to stay focused, motivated, and organized while working on projects. Capacity to stay on task, manage time effectively, and think through problems with a creative and analytical mindset.

Endurance to Complete

From start to finish. Confronting challenging problems and finding creative solutions.


This city on the river Meuse with its impressive skyline is perhaps the most dynamic city in the Netherlands. Flattened by bombs during World War II, today it is one of the most modern, innovative and unique cities in the Netherlands. We are located in the Maassilo Building in one of the old harbour areas. You will feel history and culture coming together in our area.

Address Pionect B.V. Maashaven Z.z. 2 3081 AE Rotterdam The Netherlands